What is Hypnosis?

Many people think Hypnosis is a form of sleep. The word Hypnosis does derive from the Greek word for sleep – Hypnos – but Hypnosis is actually a natural altered state of mind created when the brain relaxes and slows.

We experience this natural state of mind every single day; when we daydream, when we are drifting off to sleep and while we wake. At those times are brainwaves are slowest.

While brainwaves are at their slowest it is possible for a trained Hypnotherapist to access the mind’s subconscious and extract information that controls our behaviour.

But in order for a trained Hypnotherapist to induce an hypnotic state, you must be willing to follow the suggestions you hear and accept them. In doing so you will slowly become relaxed and calm in both body and mind. This state can help enormously in itself, especially when the mind becomes channelled, focussed and open to suggestion.


So what is Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy is simply the act of using hypnosis to help treat various conditions, addictions and issues. It is so effective in treating long-standing and deep-routed issues because Hypnotherapy allows us to enter the subconscious mind at a time when you are fully relaxed, and when your conscious mind is ‘switched off’.

With the conscious switched off and the subconscious mind open it is possible to communicate with your deepest fears, worries and habits. We can feed the subconscious with guidance, help, suggestions and reinforcement – something that could never be achieved otherwise.

Therefore, in a controlled, therapeutic setting it is possible to affect your subconscious effectively, and therefore alter your conscious behaviour and decisions. Negative thoughts and beliefs, processes and principles can be controlled, and in their place we can instil new beliefs, new thinking and a far better way to behave. And that can only lead to one thing – a far better way of life – one that you could only dream of.


© Jason Greeves Clinical Hypnotherapist 2015